Nu’ Edge

Nu’ Ege Grider Systems

Our technology produces some of the best ground meat in the world. We can selectively filter and remove materials that would damage and break any other machine. We can remove bones and sinews intact, without crushing. Raw Materials of different types and compositions are fed into our machinery.


This patented piece of equipment is the newest and most advanced meat grinding machine in the world. We are able to take raw material of various kinds and remove the edible portions at an extremely high capacity, while removing bones, sinews and defects within the raw material. This machine has the capability to grind at a rate of up to 8,000 lbs of product per hour. The quality and taste of our ground meats that is produced from the raptor is extremely unique and is unsurpassed.


We can do this with an extremely high volume for production. We are able to maintain an extremely high ground appearance.